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The Firm

The firm Porta & Consulenti Associati S.p.A. is a tailor-made counseling boutique operating at 360 degrees in the field of industrial property on an international level.

It was founded in 1991 by highly experienced professionals from different realities and has chosen Milan as its business location.
Thanks to the expertise of its professionals and back office staff, the firm PCA has developed over the years a deep knowledge of every aspect of industrial law applied to trade and industry, providing technical-legal advice in the field of patents, designs, trademarks, domain names and copyright.

Who We Are
It is us. You can see us, you can know us.

Who We Are    /      It is us. You can see us, you can know us.

Each of us, starting from the professionals and down to each staff member, is an expert in the field of industrial property.
Search and find out the right professional to help, support and advise you in your business project with competence and confidentiality. Different technical/law degrees, peculiar specializations, different experiences: we cover all industrial sectors and all disciplines.


Design – Benefits of Registered Design protection

5 April 2024|

In Great Britain, the well-known store Marks and Spencer (M) filed an infringement lawsuit against Aldi Stores (A) on the basis of its Registered Designs for gin bottles containing gold flakes and an integrated light. The English judge granted the infringement claim and issued an order granting M damages for infringement. The appeal of A was dismissed, too. Although there [...]

Indonesia – The brand is “fashion”

22 March 2024|

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry requires importers of textiles, bags and footwear to submit copies of registration certificates in Indonesia when applying for an import authorization. This means that the Certificate of Registration must be added to the documents previously in use. The Obligation came into force on 10 March 2024

Music for IP Attorneys

21 March 2024|

Globally, the singer of the moment is Taylor Swift. The blonde star began registering her own trademarks in 2008, building an impressive portfolio of trademarks. Any numbers? In the US Federal Trademark Registry alone, there are 137 registrations and 40 trademark applications in the name of her company TAS Rights Management LLC. However, if we consider the pending or registered [...]


8 March 2024|

Official fees for trademarks have been revised in San Marino The local Trademark Office - USBM - has communicated the new official fees. The basic fee, slightly reduced, now covers only one Nice class, instead of three. This results in a slight saving for those who register in one class, no change for those who register in two and a [...]

Work With Us

The firm Porta & Consulenti Associati personally and carefully takes care of the selection and training of its professionals and assistants.

You can send your curriculum vitae directly here or by post to our office:
Porta & Consulenti Associati S.p.A. – Via Vittoria Colonna 4 – 20149 Milan

The CV must contain the authorization to the processing of personal data pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Job Opportunities

Junior patent professional/attorney with experience in the mechanical/electronic sector.

Italian and/or European patent attorney with experience in the chemical sector.


Our Location

Porta & Consulenti Associati S.p.A.
Via Vittoria Colonna, 4
20149 Milan
Ph. +39 02 58 300 013
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