Globally, the singer of the moment is Taylor Swift. The blonde star began registering her own trademarks in 2008, building an impressive portfolio of trademarks. Any numbers? In the US Federal Trademark Registry alone, there are 137 registrations and 40 trademark applications in the name of her company TAS Rights Management LLC. However, if we consider the pending or registered trademarks worldwide, the number grows to 495, of which 30 are international Registrations.

In addition to the name TAYLOR SWIFT and her own acronym TS, the singer has also recorded some album titles (including, “MIDNIGHTS”, “SPEAK NOW”) and songs (“SHAKE IT OFF”, “…READY FOR IT?” to name a couple, but there are many more and also some verses (“THE OLD TAYLOR CAN’T COME TO THE PHONE RIGHT NOW”: for these we need to see if they will actually be used as a distinctive function of something.