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Indonesia – The brand is “fashion”

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry requires importers of textiles, bags and footwear to submit copies of registration certificates in Indonesia when applying for an import authorization. This means that the Certificate of Registration must be [...]

2024-03-22T10:11:07+00:0022 March 2024|

Music for IP Attorneys

Globally, the singer of the moment is Taylor Swift. The blonde star began registering her own trademarks in 2008, building an impressive portfolio of trademarks. Any numbers? In the US Federal Trademark Registry alone, there [...]

2024-03-21T14:53:13+00:0021 March 2024|


Official fees for trademarks have been revised in San Marino The local Trademark Office - USBM - has communicated the new official fees. The basic fee, slightly reduced, now covers only one Nice class, instead [...]

2024-03-08T16:35:13+00:008 March 2024|

11.8 millions only

This is - according to the Wipo  Annual Report - the number of trademark applications filed in the world in 2022, down by more than 15% compared to 2021; this is the first reduction in [...]

2023-11-14T13:15:21+00:0014 November 2023|

Protecting company names in China

On October 1, 2023, the regulations for implementing the provisions on the administration of enterprise name registration issued by the China Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) came into force. The Rules apply to enterprises that [...]

2023-10-16T17:10:48+00:0016 October 2023|

The hissing goes away

The advent of the electric car also has effects on corporate brands. In recent months, Porsche has tried to record the hiss generated by its electric model when accelerating. However, the EUIPO rejected it for [...]

2023-09-26T21:06:10+00:0026 September 2023|

Amendment of the Italian Industrial Property Code

The draft law amending the Industrial Property Code has been definitively approved. The reform pursues the strengthening of the competitiveness of the country's economic system, the protection of industrial property and the administrative simplification and [...]

2023-07-27T12:16:56+00:0027 July 2023|