2021-01-22T14:31:28+00:0022 January 2021|

With his establishment, President Maduro had made Venezuela go back in time also in the field of IP, for example by returning to the local classification of goods and services as far as trademarks are [...]

A branch ready to bloom (at great cost)

2020-11-24T10:54:57+00:0024 November 2020|

In the reply to formal question n. 546 of 12 November 2020, the Income Revenue Agency  found that the sale between companies of a set of assets consisting of a set of trademarks as well [...]

Wipo proof: what is it?

2020-11-24T10:50:39+00:0024 November 2020|

Wipo - the UN organization that has been dealing with International Trademarks, International Designs and PCT patents for over a century - has launched the Wipo Proof service which consists of affixing a generates tamper-proof [...]

Expo Dubai

2020-10-07T12:49:49+00:0030 September 2020|

Expo Dubai will put a spotlight upon trade with Gulf and neighboring countries., If you wish to protect your brands in that area, it is good to know that following a recent amendment to the [...]

RUMANIA – pay attention to good listing

2020-10-07T12:54:24+00:002 September 2020|

The new TM law adopts the literal approach when interpreting class headings. According to this practice, which was initiated by the EUIPO some years ago, when class headings are used to designate the scope of [...]