Canada – When word are useless…

2022-10-25T09:59:04+00:0025 October 2022|

We like showing you a case that illustrates that autonomous protection of the distinctive elements of your “communication” can solve difficult situations. The Coco Cola Company opposed to the registration  in Canada of the trademark  [...]

Art in commercial communication

2022-09-21T15:29:50+00:0021 September 2022|

You need to pay attention when representing of famous artworks in commercial communication and in distinctive signs: in fact, a recent ruling by the Court of Florence clarifies that the image of a artwork for [...]

Trademarks in Lebanon

2022-06-06T07:34:20+00:006 June 2022|

A recent provision requires the sworn translation into Arabic of words not in Arabic forming a mark to be registered (including those marks formed by a mix of non-Arabic words). If so, it is advisable [...]

Impact on IP – War in Ukraine

2022-03-02T08:58:18+00:002 March 2022|

Ukraine: martial law suspended the deadlines for 30 days; online filings work as long as there is an internet line; the Ukrainian colleagues work from home, always using the Internet and until it works. Russia [...]


2022-02-23T08:56:30+00:0023 February 2022|

The virtual world makes its way with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT),, i.e. digital objects, which are a sort of "avatar" of physical objects and which begin to have their own specific market on the Internet. As [...]

China Joins the Hague System

2022-02-10T10:29:22+00:0010 February 2022|

China has joined the Hague System bringing the total number of countries covered to 94. The Government of China deposited its instrument of accession to the 1999 Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement on February [...]

Domain names – News in Turkey

2022-01-10T09:04:08+00:0010 January 2022|

In Turkey, to register a DN, the proof of ownership of the name object of the Dn is no longer required, and, from now on, the "first come, first served" principle will be adopted. This [...]

A sober reaction

2021-11-26T09:18:26+00:0026 November 2021|

The Italian Agriculture Ministery  filed an objection to the EU Commission in early November against Croatia's request to register PROSEK as a traditional term for wine. The Opposition is based on the Italian PDOs for [...]