This is – according to the Wipo  Annual Report – the number of trademark applications filed in the world in 2022, down by more than 15% compared to 2021; this is the first reduction in the quantity since the 2008 financial crisis (in 2009 the drop was, however, only 1.4%, but on a total three and a half times lower than the current one). However, the number of Applicants has increased, a sign of a significant expansion of the culture relating to Industrial Property. The top 5 countries for applications are China, USA, India, Turkey and EU. Many big names are declining;  among those growing there are Turkey, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia (domestic demand prevails). In the ranking of the offices with the higher number of filings, Euipo dropped from 4th to 5th place, UIBM (Italy) from 18th to 20th. There is also a ranking of the most popular classes: 9, 35,42,41 and 5 (clothing class 25 dropped out of the top five positions).