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Brave or naive hearts?

It should be remembered that substantially all the trademark laws prevent from the registration - without permission of the entitled person - of the name, pseudonym or image of famous people, even deceased ones (in [...]

2021-04-19T12:01:50+00:0019 April 2021|

Who says my brand is famous (in China)?

The Chinese courts! However, Western companies struggle to have recognized the status of a Famous Brand (which can also be protected for products or services not similar to those of the core business). Recently, Peppa [...]

2021-04-09T09:19:45+00:009 April 2021|


There has been a long debate about  the protection of positioning marks which, in recent years, have been officially introduced into EU legislation. Protection is aimed at the position occupied by an element considered distinctive. [...]

2021-04-09T09:17:29+00:008 April 2021|

Side effect of “Social Networks”

In the evaluation of the correct defense of a brand, today the diffusion on the internet and on social networks can play an unsuspected role. For example, Apple filed Opposition against a trademark consisting of [...]

2021-03-19T13:46:38+00:0019 March 2021|

Who says my brand is notorious?

A decision of the Euipo Opposition Division (Please case) argues that in order to prove the reputation of the mark in a given territory, a knowledge threshold is necessary, to be assessed mainly on the [...]

2021-03-11T14:07:50+00:0011 March 2021|


After a period of closure for reasons of public order, the local Intellectual Property Office reopens for the registration of trademarks only. It is mandatory to carry out novelty searches before the filing, after which [...]

2021-03-11T14:06:28+00:005 March 2021|

Upcoming updates to the US Trademark Law

The modernization rules of the American Trademark Law should be approved soon: they are more stringent in particular for the proof of use of the trademark. In addition to the appeal to the Commission or [...]

2021-02-09T15:20:07+00:004 February 2021|

In vista aggiornamenti alla legge marchi USA

Presto dovrebbero essere approvate le norme di modernizzazione della Legge Marchi americana, più stringenti in particolare per la prova dell’uso del marchio. Oltre al ricorso alla Commissione  o alla Corte Distrettuale  da parte del terzo [...]

2021-02-09T15:25:15+00:004 February 2021|


With his establishment, President Maduro had made Venezuela go back in time also in the field of IP, for example by returning to the local classification of goods and services as far as trademarks are [...]

2021-01-22T14:31:28+00:0022 January 2021|

A branch ready to bloom (at great cost)

In the reply to formal question n. 546 of 12 November 2020, the Income Revenue Agency  found that the sale between companies of a set of assets consisting of a set of trademarks as well [...]

2020-11-24T10:54:57+00:0024 November 2020|