From July 1, 2020 it is possible to make an international patent application (PCT application) enter directly into the Italian national phase. This is a route alternative to the filing of a regional phase at the European Patent Office (EPO), which is a route which remains practicable.

The Italian national phase can be aimed to have granted a patent or a utility model. This route is applied to PCT applications filed from July 1, 2020.

Entry into the Italian national phase takes place by filing, within 30 months from the international filing date or the priority date, if claimed, the complete Italian text of the PCT application, with a possible translation into Italian consistent with the original text in those case where the original text of the PCT application is not in Italian.

The provisions in force for national patent applications shall apply to the examination of the Italian national phase application. The examination is based on the international search report and the written opinion on patentability attached thereto.