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Porta & Consulenti Associati S.p.A., in short PCA, is an Italian IP firm focusing on the practice of Intellectual Property. Founded in 1991 and based in Milan, PCA has been offering technical-legal advice for many years to national and international customers for a better exploitation and a more effective protection of exclusive rights in the field of patents, designs, copyrights, trademarks, domain names, licenses, or a combination thereof.


RUMANIA – pay attention to good listing

The new TM law adopts the literal approach when interpreting class headings. According to this practice, which was initiated by the EUIPO some years ago, when class headings are used to designate the scope of protection in trademark applications and registrations, they will not be interpreted as covering all goods or services in their class but will rather be interpreted literally.
The owners of existing registrations using class headings in Romania have the option of clarifying the scope by filing, before September 30, 2020, a declaration in which they will specify the goods or services intended to be covered.

New Government incentives for patents, designs and trademarks

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