Wipo – the UN organization that has been dealing with International Trademarks, International Designs and PCT patents for over a century – has launched the Wipo Proof service which consists of affixing a generates tamper-proof evidence f proving your intellectual asset existed at a specific point in time, and that it has not been altered since then.. The file can consist of a copyright work (e.g. text or music of a song, a book, a SW) or of secret know-how (the file remains with the Applicant, it is not stored by Wipo) as well as other data (e.g. lab results preparatory for future patents or for non-patentable discoveries, but for the sole purpose of constituting a temporal precedence, not a protection). It should be remembered that the Italian legislation currently recognizes for similar optional registrations, in some cases at SIAE, in others at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, but it is believed that, given the prestige of Wipo and the modernity of the system, Wipo Proof will soon become the standard for these operations. Obviously, this system does not replace the Trademark, Design and Patent Registration systems, but it can be used where it is simply necessary to prove a secure date: this is confirmed in a Certificate; for the legal protection of the content the relevant laws apply (I.P.)