The virtual world makes its way with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT),, i.e. digital objects, which are a sort of “avatar” of physical objects and which begin to have their own specific market on the Internet. As if to say: I can’t afford a Ferrari in the garage, but I can buy a virtual one to keep on my PC …

The fact is that these NFTs or crypto-assets have prices that are rising and that give some justification for the existence of crypto-currencies.

Some companies have entered this market and of course it has been realized that even in that virtual world, brands need to be protected.

Fortunately, the means of protection are mainly traditional ones: trademark registration for one’s products and / or services; registration of the DN and, now, registration of ENS (Ethereum Name Service) which is the “unencrypted” version of the virtual wallet address (as the DN is of the IP address).