When it comes to reporting events of a technical nature, many “media” do not ask experts for guidance and often end up spreading false news. Recently, Russia has changed its law on the consumption of alcohol, eliminating the term Champagne (which is a PDO) from the list of beverages covered by the law, because, in fact, it is not a generic name and the term “sparkling wine” is sufficient.  The law, in fact, requires that the label (especially the one on the back) of an alcoholic beverage indicates its type (liqueur, still wine, sparkling wine), but does not at all prohibit French winemakers from using Champagne on the front, if it actually is that sparkling wine. In an explanatory list, the rule mentions “sparkling wines, including Russian champagne” (“Russian sparkling wine” would have been better, given the changes introduced). Therefore, the correct purpose of not associating Champagne with common terms to describe drinks has been misrepresented by the media, which claimed that President Putin would have prevented the use of Champagne by the French, reserving it for Russian sparkling wine…. The ensuing alleged uproar prompted the Russian Ministry of Agriculture to issue a statement of denial and clarification. Therefore, the news-bomb exploded…. like a bubble of Champagne.