The Italian Agriculture Ministery ¬†filed an objection to the EU Commission in early November against Croatia’s request to register PROSEK as a traditional term for wine. The Opposition is based on the Italian PDOs for PROSECCO, which are also protected against translations, pursuant to EU regulations, given that the purpose of the law is to avoid any possible confusion in the consumer between the names of traditional terms and the names of PDOs or PGI, as well as with the names of the vine varieties. In the opposition it is recalled that, during the accession to the EU, a similar Croatian application was rejected on Italian opposition and, therefore, Croatia should have worked to extinguish the use of Prosek, not reiterate the application. The Tokai affair is also mentioned, which prevented Italy from continuing to use the Tocai appellation for wine, the Hungarian one having a priority. The Opposition ends by recalling the risk of consumer deception as to the origin of the wine, given that Prosek evokes the Italian Prosecco wine known everywhere and produced on the Prosecco Hills, which are also registered in the Unesco world heritage.